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self storage tips

Looking for some self storage tips to find the right space to hold your load? Brownsville Storage Units is your premier choice for secure and reliable storage solutions in Brownsville, Texas. Our experts have compiled a list of top packing and storage tips to help you maximize your rental space. Start your storage journey with Brownsville Storage Units today, and see how extra storage can simplify your home or business space!

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Self Storage Tips for Finding Storage Near You & Packing Efficiently

self storage tips - choosing a storage facility and unitResearch Before Choosing Your Storage Unit

With numerous self storage options available in Brownsville, it’s worth the time to research to select the right facility and unit to house your belongings. Start by searching for self storage near your home, work, or regular commutes for maximum convenience. If you are not able to keep your belongings stored in your primary residence or workspace, you still want them to be easily accessible.

You should also consider your specific storage needs to ensure your chosen facility offers the proper level of care for any delicate items you may be storing. A standard indoor unit can provide a level of temperature regulation at an affordable price point. If you know you need top-of-the-line protection for valuables, a temperature-controlled unit maintains constant environment control.

Not sure what kind of storage would be best for you? Contact the experts at Brownsville Storage Units to talk through your storage needs. They can guide you to the proper amenities to protect your items, recommend supplies to help you pack, and suggest a storage unit size that can handle your load with ample space. Located conveniently in Brownsville, our facility serves local residents and businesses. Read more about our storage features, and use our online storage calculator to determine the ideal unit size for your needs.


self storage tips - packing tips for boxesPacking Tips for Keeping Boxes Secure

1. Wrap Delicates Carefully

Ensure items are well-protected by using ample padding for delicate items. You can purchase packing and moving supplies from our office on Mexico Boulevard, and consult with our storage experts to address any questions before renting.

2. Store Heaviest Items on the Bottom, Lighter on Top

Place heavier items at the base of your unit and stack lighter boxes on top. This simple rule prevents smaller items from being crushed as you have to transport your boxes. It also helps to maintain a manageable weight.

3. Clean & Cover to the Best of Your Ability

You should wash or wipe down your belongings before storing to maintain their condition. Cover appliances, tools, and electronics with cloth to prevent dust accumulation. Remove moisture and germs to avoid rust and unpleasant odors.

4. Pack Airtight to Keep Out Moisture & Pests

Use airtight containers to protect items from moisture and pests. Antiques, clothing, tech devices, and papers benefit from the additional protection from external environment factors. Consider renting a temperature-controlled storage unit for moisture-sensitive items.

self storage tips - packing tips for unitsPacking Tips for Your Self Storage Unit

1. Create an Organized Layout from the Start

As you are moving your belongings into your storage unit, leave a walkway down the center for easy access to all items. Over time this will come in handy if you need to reorganize or pull out large objects. Keep items that you will need more frequently up near the entrance, and tuck valuables away in the back. To stay organized, we also recommend grouping similar items together, such as seasonal clothing or garage tools.

2. Utilize Your Entire Storage Space

Maximize space by stacking items safely, with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. As you stack, ensure that boxes and containers are securely placed to avoid tipping or collapsing. Use sturdy shelving units for better organization and efficient use of space. This is particularly useful for smaller items that might otherwise be lost in a pile. Label each shelf and box clearly to make locating items easier.

3. Be Aware of What You Are Not Allowed to Store

Avoid storing perishables like food to prevent spoilage and attracting any pests. It is also strictly prohibited to store dangerous, flammable items or money. Check out a comprehensive list of non-storable items on Move.org.


Trust Brownsville Storage Units for All Your Storage Needs

Now that you have some helpful self storage tips to get you started, you can find your perfect storage solution. Choose Brownsville Storage Units for all your storage needs. We offer indoor storage units with various sizes to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need temporary storage during a move or long-term solutions for your business, we have you covered. Rent your storage unit today and experience the convenience and peace of mind we provide!

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