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Neighborhood Friends at Brownsville Storage Units

Brownsville Storage Units takes pride in being a valuable member of the community in Brownsville, TX and its surrounding neighborhoods. Conveniently located at 1045 Mexico Blvd, we serve residents from South Point, Cameron Park, and Boca Chica, as well as other neighboring areas, offering top-notch storage solutions. Our facility is strategically situated near an array of local businesses to cater to all your storage needs. Read on to learn more about the offerings at Brownsville Storage Units!

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Our Neighborhood Friends Program

At Brownsville Storage Units, we value community support, which led to the inception of our Neighborhood Friends program. This program facilitates local business partnerships between Brownsville Storage Units and other local enterprises within the Brownsville, TX community. How does it work? We have a community Neighborhood Friends bulletin board in-store, displaying the business cards and contact info of local area businesses we recommend, both online and in-person. Customers and guests can pick up a company’s business card from this board, or access a copy of the board’s contact information. Reciprocally, we request that the businesses featured on our Neighborhood Friends bulletin board distribute our storage facility’s business cards and printed materials.

Make sure to check our bulletin board regularly as many local businesses offer special discounts and promotions to Brownsville Storage Units customers.

Brownsville Storage Units in Brownsville, TX

Our neighborhood friends’ board is a platform for local businesses to expand their client base through referrals and cross-promotion. Want to know more? Stop by our location at 1045 Mexico Blvd and have a chat with our store manager. You can also have your business card featured on our Neighborhood Friends board today!

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